Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New Chapter... I have said that before

Well the #TeamNoExcuses2014 did not really pan out and there are many reasons for that.  I lost my job, and started a new one that lasted a few months and now I have a new job which is much better, but still not what I want. I have aspirations but apparently I can get bored.

I am now working as a guest services manager at a major retailer.  My coworkers have been great so far, with the exception of 2 people.  My immediate boss, who seems to never want to be there and the head of HR who just seems to not like me.  My training was truncated and not as comprehensive as it should have been.  So I feel as if I am a little behind, but other than that I like it so far.  I will continue to look for new jobs.  Always searching for job I want for my life, not a job, a career.

I also started going back to school to finally finish my thesis.  I have had some setbacks but I am determined to finish now.  I just have to get everything that needs to be done done.  I have my advisory board all figured out, I just need to keep trucking and get some other pieces to line up and I will be done!  I am so excited!

One piece that is totally figured out is my love life.  After all the years of waiting and searching, he found me.  As my previous posts say I was on Plenty of Fish and his name is Clint.  He found my profile, thought I was cute, read my profile thought I sounded cool.  I almost did not give him my number, thank the Lord I did!  We have now been together for almost 9 months, and I am planning on moving into his house in June 2015.  New state, new life, one that I look forward to.

So at least I have a start.  Now I just need to follow up!