Thursday, June 27, 2013

Drama, Drama, Drama: My life the soap opera.

I am a terrible person.  At least sometimes I can be.  Last night I was talking with a man that I had dated earlier this year.  A man that I found out is married.  See, I told you that my life is a soap opera!  And it gets even worse, I found out by meeting her!  This man, was injured and the cut on his back got infected.  Now being the good girlfriend that I am, I found out what hospital he was in and went to visit, even though he said he did not want me to, and never told me what hospital he was admitted to.  Mind you, he was the one who pushed us to make it "official" and be in a relationship. 

Well, to make a long story short (too late), I went to visit him and 20 minutes after I get there, his wife shows up.  Yeah, that really happened.  He told me she was his roommate, and I did not actually find out until the doctor started calling her Mrs.  Hmm.  I can hear what you are thinking, how did I let this happen to myself?  Well he was with me so much, that I figured there was not way he could be seeing someone else.  He was with me almost every night of the week.  I had met his friends, and he had met mine.  We spent New Year's Eve together.  We went out on dates in his town as well as mine! 

Anyway, I talked with him (we shall name him Married man, or #3) yesterday.  I know, I know.  He is still on the list and has a number.  I hate to say it, but it is the best sex of my life!  That is hard to give up.  But alas, we talked last night and I saw him today.  I was doing so good too.  We had not seen each other in over a month, and had not really talked much either.  After I found out that he is married, we went through this big fight where I was not talking with him (which I should have just continued), but I have a soft spot and let people have entirely too many chances with me.  Ugh, sometimes I feel I need to stop that. 

So we met up about 2 weeks after I found out and talked.  That was not however, until after his friends rolled on him once they found out I knew he is married.  Oh his friends were hilarious.  Warning me against him, and telling him he will never be loyal to a woman.  I think they are right.  The only reason I see him now is to still have the best sex of my life, and to use him for all he is willing to give.  He wants to cook for me and take me places, I will take that!  He wants to fly me to Bermuda for a weekend, I will take that!  So he is still in the picture even though I know he is married.  I am not proud of that fact, but his wife, really should have known better.  She was the other woman in his last marriage. 

Yep, I said it, his last marriage.  He is on his third marriage and has since proposed to me.  He still tells me he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me.  I wonder how many women he has said that to.  I am serious.  I really am curious as to that number.  So that is why I am sometimes a terrible person.  Mind you, I fell hard and fast for this guy, but I think that was because he actually treated me well.  I have never really been in a relationship were the guy really paid attention or wanted to take me out and give me gifts.  I have had some suck-tastic boyfriends, right? 

Wow have I digressed onto a tangent.  Not really that bad, but a little.  What I wanted to share was that the reason that I went there today, is that; one, I missed him (even though I should not), two, because I have not had good sex in a while, and three, because I am scared I am going to lose my job. 

This is the second part to my post today.  One of my co-workers and friends, we shall call her C, left the company I work for today.  She was suspended as of yesterday and we were told today that she no longer works for the company.  I am not sure if that means C quit, or if she was fired.  She and I were the only two people really holding that store together during the holiday season and afterwards.  I came back full time right before Christmas and she became full time after the new year.  We did not have a store manager from October until about 2 weeks ago.  Yeah, that also really happened.  A clothing retail store with no store manager during the holiday season.  I do not know how I survived with my brain intact. 

So now I am worried about my job.  I am about to move into a better and more expensive apartment and I am going on vacation August.  I cannot afford to lose my job right now.  Oh, and C still owes me $500.  I have a feeling I will never see that money again.  This stress is making me go grey before my time.  Thank God for hair dye.  I have never stolen from the company, and I did the best I could with what I was given.  I am still looking for a new job and have been for a while.  As I stated earlier, I am moving to a more expensive apartment, so therefore I def need more money... (Spaceballs II: the search for more money), but that is many people's songs.  Always need more money, because who really wants less, right?  Well, I hope you enjoyed this night's entertainment, and I hope that you had a better day than I day than I did!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why do men feel the need to lie?

Seriously, I do not understand men sometimes.  I know that they think the same about us women, but sometimes, probably more accurate is rarely, I feel like I understand them.

My previous #1, said all of these nice things, such as that he wanted to take me off the market eventually.  Also I met his father, and spent a good deal of time with him, even after we had done the deed.  And then when I mentioned going out with other men, he got all pissy.  And I mean pissy.  I was upfront, from the beginning saying that I was dating other people, and I had told him I was going to see a movie with someone else.  It could have just been a girl friend of mine but I wanted to be honest.  Well, he got pissy, blamed his being distant on something else that was going on in his life and did not talk to me very often for about 3 week.

Needless to say, I found out that he started dating my BOSS!  He had made up this terrible excuse about meeting her in a bank a while ago, which is probably when he started talking to her on Plenty of Fish (PoF). Well that was the end to that... except he still had my iPod.  I had been asking him for it for month.  I had his, since he asked me to put different music on it, and he was using mine.  Well, we saw each other one last time, exchanged iPods and had one last fling before I do not talk to him ever again.  I hate to say that I did that, but this is my blog so I can say whatever I want, right? So we had one last tryst, and it was probably the best we have had, since we had started dating.

Anyway, so this drops my number down and also brings my number up at the same time.  I have reactivated my profile on PoF and am having some luck talking with some new men, and also some boys.  I seem to attract young men, more than I feel I should at my age, but oh well.  I will have fun.  This is a great site for getting back into the sea with respect to dating.  In fact a couple guys I was seeing months ago, found me again and we have reconnected. 

There are a lot of people on this site and they have all sorts of wants, needs and likes.  I am a plus sized woman, I am self confident, and I am happy (most of the time).  I have a great family, and good friends.  I have a job, which is better than some, and I enjoy my job most of the time which is better than most.  So It is not that I am complaining, its just I wish I understood what I need to keep doing to move forward in my life.I feel like I am meant for more than what is in my life right now.  I guess most people feel that at some point in their life, but knowing my family and especially my father, he expects it.  But that is another post for another day.  So until then, there are many more fish in the sea which is why I am on Plenty of Fish!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Men... The other white meat?

Men... Sex... Romance. What to do?

 I was in a long term long distance relationship a couple of years ago when I still lived in Massachusetts. When I moved to VA, our relationship fell apart and since then I have been dating. A lot. 

Since that time I have dated many men, and I'm still working on finding out what I actually want in a man. At the moment I am dating 5 different men with a honorary 6th. I have a ranking system and my friends know them as numbers instead of their names. 

And as we go along I will be sharing with you dates and anecdotes about my life. Last night I went out on a date with #2. He is tall, dark haired and a nerdy type like me. He has two children with the same mother but never got married. I'm not anyone to scoff at that, just giving a background. 

Anyway, we went to go see Fast 6 last night. It was good, a few twist and turns that I was not expecting which is refreshing. But #2 was distracting me during the movie. He was track this fingers lightly on the inside if my wrist. On man it was hot. But that just made me frustrated and then I couldn't sleep when I got home last night. 

#2 and I go through periods where we talk or see each other every day then go for a week or so where we don't talk much. I will say I love hearing him talk. He has a low and a little country voice. 

So that is my story for the day. And thank you for peeking into Cusper's closet!