Sunday, June 2, 2013

Men... The other white meat?

Men... Sex... Romance. What to do?

 I was in a long term long distance relationship a couple of years ago when I still lived in Massachusetts. When I moved to VA, our relationship fell apart and since then I have been dating. A lot. 

Since that time I have dated many men, and I'm still working on finding out what I actually want in a man. At the moment I am dating 5 different men with a honorary 6th. I have a ranking system and my friends know them as numbers instead of their names. 

And as we go along I will be sharing with you dates and anecdotes about my life. Last night I went out on a date with #2. He is tall, dark haired and a nerdy type like me. He has two children with the same mother but never got married. I'm not anyone to scoff at that, just giving a background. 

Anyway, we went to go see Fast 6 last night. It was good, a few twist and turns that I was not expecting which is refreshing. But #2 was distracting me during the movie. He was track this fingers lightly on the inside if my wrist. On man it was hot. But that just made me frustrated and then I couldn't sleep when I got home last night. 

#2 and I go through periods where we talk or see each other every day then go for a week or so where we don't talk much. I will say I love hearing him talk. He has a low and a little country voice. 

So that is my story for the day. And thank you for peeking into Cusper's closet!

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