Sunday, July 7, 2013

You would be so proud... I avoided a cliche!

This past weekend, I went up to Maryland to be a part of my friends' G and J's wedding.  It was a great weekend.  I was one of the four bridesmaids.  I went up on Saturday, where I met a few of the boys (the groom and 2 groomsmen) for a few drinks before the rehearsal.  This is when I noticed and started talking to the best man, C.  He seemed a little shy around new people but very verbose around those he has known for a while.  He is sort of my type, if you can tell I do not really have one. I am equal opportunity. Having said that, I usually like men who are taller than I am (5'8.5") and a little bit stocky.  I also tend to like guys with a little scruff.  Now that does not mean I won't date anyone who looks otherwise, but that is just the type of guy I am usually attracted to.

Ok, going on a slight tangent.  We went out after the reception to a bar and mmm mmm, there was this security guy who must have been about 6'3" or 6'4" and he was built and kind of cute.  I really wanted to go out and talk, but damn, he lives in MD, and I am not driving over an hour to see anyone anymore.  I did that before, and that is a story for another day.

Back to the original story.  So we had the rehearsal and then us girls had a girls night.  Nothing too extravagant, but some champagne, silly hats and some great conversation.  I slept with the bride that night as I did not get a hotel room.  Everything was way out of my price range for a one night stay.  Anyway, we woke up, I drove G to her hair and nail appointment and I took a bath.  Now I have not taken a bath in a very long time.  It was great to just sit and relax in some nice hot water.  Trying to keep the bride sane sometimes can stress a person out.  I then did my hair, and waited for the rest of the ladies to come to the room to do our makeup.  We our course had more champagne.  I think I had more of it this weekend than I did at my own sister's wedding, of course I was technically underage then, but oh well.  Anyway, we, the bridesmaids got dressed and all ready and we all ventured to the limo.

With more champagne waiting, we had some great times and arrived at the mansion.  We got the bride in her dress and she looked fantastic.  So again, the ceremony was short and sweet, but very hot and humid.  Thank god for an updo.  And more drinking and dancing ensued after the pictures.  I know this is a very convoluted story so I am trying to get to the point.  With the reception over, we all climbed into an even bigger limo (it was awesome) and went back to the hotel. Since I had stayed with the bride the night before, I ran into the room to get my things so I would be out of G and J's hair asap.  Funny thing is, they kept saying that no one realized they just got married and wanted some alone time, except me, so I was able to stay and hang out.  I just found that amusing.

This is where the fun part of the story begins.  So I was planning on just driving home so I had stopped drinking a while back at this point.  I think I was also getting heat exhaustion so I just needed to hydrate. G and J were adamant that I should come out with everyone and have some fun, so they volunteered C's pull out for me to sleep on.  I was fine with that. I was able to go out and have some more fun before the weekend was over and that was just fine with me.  We went out and that is when I saw that hunky security dude, but oh well. The time has passed. 

As we were all going back to the hotel, we had another friend, A who also needed a place to crash.  So many places were volunteered including C's room as well.  SO FUNNY!  One woman, L and her boyfriend S were kind of not on the same page for letting someone else sleep in their room.  L said it was fine and S was pretty much giving me the eye saying please do not take her up on that offer.  And then S was making jokes about A sleeping on the pull out and C and I staying in the bed. 

This is where the really cliche part begins.  C and I walk back to his place where I help him make up the pull out, which is where the groom slept the night before.  Then A finally shows up and plops down on the pull out and then we say, no honey, go to sleep on the bed.  Mind you, she was very, very drunk, having had sex with the groom's brother in the mansion's bathroom.  Yeah, it was that type of party.  So A went and passed out on the bed, and C and I played cards for a few hours.  We talked, he drank, and then we both decided that we were tired.  At this point we had been flirting enough and giving those 'looks' for him to ask me to sleep with him.  I had just about fallen asleep when he comes into the bedroom and asks. 

I say sure.  We can sleep together, and cuddle.  I had already taken off my bra and skirt so I was in a t-shirt and my underwear.  We were spooning cuddling when he started pawing my breasts.  I kept telling him gentle.  I think he was just too drunk and had not had any sex in a while.  Let's just say that he was excited.  He kept nibbling on my ear and I just kept telling him I would not have sex with him.  It was a should, not a want.  He lives in Mississippi, and I live in Virginia.  Now mind you as we had talked earlier, I was getting to know him, and he is also my type, the intellectual part.  Geeky and smart, kind of shy.  So I am not sure if this was the best idea, but since I was supposed to be sleeping with A, I got up a little early and went back to the bed.  I think he thought that as an insult. 

Oh well, at least a bridesmaid did not have sex with a groomsmen that was not already married.  Almost, but I could almost guarantee that he did not have protection and even though I am covered for pregnancy, I would rather not get a nasty surprise the next time I get tested.  So I turned down the cliche even though I really did not want to.  This guy just seemed like he needs a woman.  Someone to share his life with and it would be better.  He pretty much admitted to being an alcoholic, drinking by himself most nights.  Why is it that the men I start to like are always unavailable to me?  Seriously, it is becoming very frustrating.  

Well that was my weekend excursion.  I hope you found it as entertaining as I did, truncated of course.

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