Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Crock Pot

"What are you grateful for right now? Gratitude can shift your energy, raise your vibration, and make all your next moments even better." Joe Vitale

"Sometimes change was good. Sometimes it was even exactly what you needed." Jenny O'Connell

I think you can be grateful for your your life and what is passed, but change is needed to progress.  Without it you cannot grow and better yourself.

I made a crock pot roast yesterday.  I cut up potatoes and an onion, put in baby carrots, a can of Guinness, beef broth, cream of chicken soup, tomato paste, and onion soup mix.  I would advise against the tomato paste, but I used low sodium broth and soup mix. I added a little salt later but not much.  Set the crock pot on low for 8 hours and just let it go.  It was amazing and the beef just pulled apart when we ate it.

My next en devour will be to join this dance fitness group,  I just have to remember to bring my work out clothes to work.  Lunches, workout clothes.  One thing at a time.

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